Why Kissmax?

“Own Less, Live More.” 

KISSMAX is a whole new approach to your life (and wardrobe). It’s a fusion of the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid) and the organically simple philosophy of Mike Blackwood’s son Max, who has Down syndrome.

Mike has worked in the surf industry for the past three decades, almost half of that time having been with Roxy & Quiksilver, where he held senior roles in Sales, Product and Marketing. Over the journey, he noticed that it was always the simpler concepts and stories – the simpler products – that resonated with people. Importantly, for Mike, it was these simple ideas that he seemed to enjoy working on the most.

The seminal moment came one day while hanging out with Max. Max doesn’t require much to make him happy and the simple fact is that Max is a whole lot happier than most people, largely because he doesn’t waste time on things he doesn’t need. His life is … simple. Suddenly, the pieces fell into place for Mike and KISSMAX was born.

So KISSMAX celebrates the notion of simplicity. Liberating your wardrobe. Uncomplicating your life.  With a great pair of jeans. A pair of shorts that work in and out of the water. And of course a Little Black bikini.

You’ll enjoy being simple.

Simple designs. Quality that fits well and lasts. Strip away the trends. Eliminate the fads. Remove the unnecessary.